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Building a Better Future
Brandon Potter '06 and Martha Jones '73
“The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Ghandi
It’s with great pride that we welcome the opportunity to chair Lexington Catholic’s Building a Better Future capital campaign.

This school, dating back to its roots of Lexington Latin and St. Catherine Academy, has a long-standing tradition of providing a top-notch, Catholic education to all who have attended here. This campaign is about the future of a school that has established its legacy in central Kentucky.

It’s also why we encourage you to support this effort. Each and every day, our dedicated faculty and staff aspire to help develop young men and women of faith and character. Our students are exposed to quality programs and instruction, in an environment that is safe and secure.

Like any school, our facilities are dated and we strive to provide a campus that is welcoming and conducive to learning. It is vitally important we ensure that we provide these young minds with facilities that enhance the student experience.

Catholic schools are important for our children. They are good for families, our communities and the nation. A Lexington Catholic education helps prepare students well for college or for whatever they may choose to do in life. It only makes sense they be able to do so in classrooms and facilities that provide what they need to excel.

None of what Lexington Catholic has achieved, nor what we are able to provide, is possible without the charitable contributions of so many who came before us, as well as those with us now and who will be with us in the future. Please join us in sharing your blessings as we Build a Better Future!
Contact Anna Wagner Mullis, VP of Advancement, with any questions, [email protected].
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